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Kunshan Huagood Plastic Co., Ltd. located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, is an enterprise with more than 20 years of production, development, and management experience in the hollow blow molding industry. We have rich experience in product design and development, proofing production, packaging, and transportation.
And we have professional R&D team and international business personnel.

Our company has 50 employees, 2000 square meters of production workshop and 3000 square meters of warehouse. It not only has the technology and management experience of large enterprises, but also has the flexibility to adapt to the enterprise's cost control, production, and delivery date.

more than 20 years of experience
production workshop

Why Choose Us

Huagood Blowmolding is a Blow molding product supplier, specializes in producing all kinds of plastic hollow products, blow molding processing, and has more than 10 professional production equipment; Main products: gardening supplies, medical supplies, pet supplies, sports supplies, auto parts, folding seats, tool boxes, plastic trays, all kinds of containers and all kinds of blow molded special-shaped parts.

Also we have good experience in numerous materials, including HDPE, LDPE, and PP. we have wide range of machine size, make us become one of most versatile custom blow molding manufactory. if you want to know how Huagood Blowmolding can meet your custom Blow molding requires, Please contact us.


What Is The Blow Molding

How does our blow molding machine work?

△ Step 1 – The plastic is melted and formed into a preform or parison by blow molding machines
△ Step 2 – Clamp the preform or parison in the mold, and the shape of the mold will determine the final shape of the blown plastic.
△ Step 3 – Introduce air pressure to expand the parison faster to cover the mold and form the cavity shape.
△ Step 4 – Cool the final product with water through the mold and make mold always cold.
△ Step 5 – After the plastic has cooled and hardened, demold and discharge the product.

What materials can you use in blow molding?

Thermoplastic resins are used in blow molding processes, including:
◇ HDPE (high density polyethylene): excellent impact resistance and chemical resistance. Good low-temperature performance. more normally materials for blow molding production.
◇ PP: excellent chemical resistance. Rigid, with good impact strength. Good at higher temperatures. But the size is not as stable as other materials, Poor extensibility
◇ LDPE:It has good flexibility, extensibility, electrical insulation, transparency, easy processing and certain air permeability. It has good chemical stability, alkali resistance and general organic solvent resistance


Why Choose Blow Molding

The advantages of blow molding is
☆ Reasonable price
☆ Faster cycle times
☆ It is very suitable for manufacturing hollow plastic parts
☆ Able to provide mass production
☆ Used to shape complex parts

Our Commitment

We will actively devote ourselves to the production of professional hollow blow molding products. At the same time, we will sincerely listen to the voice of customers and provide you with solutions to problems to meet the diversified needs of customers.

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